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TICO Manufacturing is a Department of Defense contractor. We've been partners with the US Government, aerospace and military contractors since 2004, with over 500,000 technical drawings in our extensive database.

Proudly serving the United States Armed Forces, Our Partners and the Commercial Industry, we are committed in meeting the unique needs of these industries. We have supplied components for high profile equipment such as the fighter jets, unmanned drones, missile systems, military vessels, combat vehicles and many others.

Our clients benefit from competitive pricing, personal attention, and exceptional customer service provided by knowledgeable representatives. You can be confident that you are working with a supplier who understands the unique demands of your business.

Here at TICO Manufacturing, Inc. we work hard to give you the highest quality service.
We make sure you get the best parts, at theright price, without the delay.
Tico Manufacturing, Inc. is committed to meeting allyour military, commercial fasteners and related hardware needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing our aerospace, commercial construction, electronic, marine and military clients with the highest quality military & commercial fasteners, springs, spacers, mechanical and electronic assemblies available.
If there's a part you need, we're here to supply the demand.
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